• What Makes Ludaxx Unique?

    Founded and owned by the highly-successful Lu family, Ludaxx is positioned to become the next giant in the industry, and is being built on 3 foundational values: Balance, Harmony & Success.

    Ludaxx is 100% debt-free, well-capitalized, has patented products with zero competition, and is operated by some of the most experienced & capable executives in direct sales.

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  • Stop Sugar In Its Tracks

    The F21 Sugar Blocker is Ludaxx's patented flagship product, and is the only all-natural product of its kind.

    • Naturally blocks sucrose absorption.
    • Helps reduce hunger cravings.
    • Delivers powerful antioxidants.
    • Prebiotics feed your body’s probiotics.
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  • An Unparalleled Compensation Plan

    Many in the industry like to say that their pay plan is the best, but we simply let the facts speak for themselves. In this section you will learn:

    • What sets our pay plan apart from the rest
    • How to make big up-front & long term income
    • Why many leaders are choosing to build with us
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  • The Movers and Shakers

    Ludaxx and our team is the growing at a phenomenal pace & gaining momentum every single week!

    Experience, determination and servitude create our teams foundation which is propelling people to achieve massive success.

    See the leaders that are making it happen and achieving massive success in Ludaxx.

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  • Our Ludaxx Success System

    The key to your success is to create a few simple actions that are duplicated by a large group of people over a long period of time.

    Black Diamond Academy (BDA) is a system designed to show you this process, and guide you and your team along the path to success in Ludaxx. After joining, click the button below to begin your journey.

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Ludaxx Success Starts Here

Black Diamond Academy (BDA) was created to help guide and support you as you build your Ludaxx business. With effectiveness and simplicity as the themes of BDA, our goal is show you how to create a large residual monthly income quickly, and reach the top ranks in the company.

Our team, comprised of competent industry leaders and top Ludaxx earners, guide you step-by-step providing product knowledge and research, compensation plan training, business-building tips, a resource center, as well as solid leadership & support.

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If you are new to Ludaxx, here is a perfect starting point to learn about the company, revolutionary products & lucrative compensation plan. If you have questions at any point along the way, please don't hesitate to contact our team. Click any of the links below to learn more now:

"Ludaxx has all the key components in place to help people create a lucrative and secure global business. I believe that many who choose to join us now will go on to create some of the most coveted success stories this industry has ever seen."
-Jordan Klause, BDA Founder

The Company

Do your due diligence and learn more about the corporate executive team, core values, vision & mission, and other pertinent information about the company structure.

The Products

Attain a solid understanding on each of the Ludaxx products, their key ingredients, how to properly use them, and the many benefits they bring to the body.

The Pay Plan

Learn about the 8 powerful ways you get paid through the compensation plan, engineered to generously reward you as you share the amazing products with others.

Our Team

Meet our Black Diamond Team leaders and learn more about our industry experience, business track record, team culture & Ludaxx success system.

Getting Started

This is where your journey begins! Learn how to get started on the right track to ensure you are on the proper path to optimum health and success.

Sharing & Building

Follow our simple step-by-step plan so you know how to share the Ludaxx products, get new customers and distributors, and build your business.

Staying Connected

Engaging with the company & team leadership and community is the key to ensuring long-term success. Plug into the calls, events and more.

BDA Blog

Stay up to date with the latest Ludaxx news, BDA team updates, business-building tips, testimonials, and leadership posts.

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