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We're a learning platform powered by Coursera and elevated through our network of Learning Advisors that are here to complete a full assessment and assist in reaching your personal development goals through a time tested methodology.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss our packages please click on the link below to book a time with one of our Learning Advisors.

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How we work

Guided Development with Curated Learning Paths.

We offer a guided and managed program for your staff, contractors or try our freelancer package.  This allows you to monitor your team's professional development to ensure they meet their career goals. 

1.  Onboarding

You will be onboarded onto the learning portal and introduced to your Learning Advisor

2. Goals Assessment

Through a needs assessment meeting we will determine your goals and get to know you.

3. Learning Path Development

Our Learning Advisors will develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) and set milestones.

4.  Begin your Journey

You will begin your course work at your own pace with access to your Learning Advisor along the way in order to keep you on track or adjust as you grow.

Highly Skilled Learning Advisors help you build your PDP.

We align you with one of our experienced Learning Advisors to guide you on developing your PDP and set milestones so you can monitor your development.

Personal development planning is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement. Its functions include developing an awareness of the skills an individual already possesses and identifying and developing the skills they need.
The job market has become fierce and competitive with knowledge requirements swinging based on fast changing trends. Gone are the days of completing a degree and growing your career with one company. The new reality involves job cuts, complex restructuring of companies and technology which advances at a rapid pace.

We will first guide you towards self awareness of your skills and strengths then recognize any weaknesses so you may continue to build your skill sets in preparation for industry changes or opportunities that arise on your journey.
Taking responsibility of your career and personal development immediately sets you apart from the crowd.  We instill a mentality of personal responsibility in our Learners otherwise you will always be looking to others for progression when you have all the tools and resources to take control. 

While some companies have wonderful training and professional development programs, the recent trend has involved cutting these resources. When these resources are available they can sometimes be limited which reduces your exposure to subjects you may not even know may assist with your development.

Our Learning Advisors will dive deep into your career path and highlight peripheral skills that can open up new opportunities as your progress.
Show me a world champion in any sport that did not have a coach... We often believe that we know ourselves entirely when everyone has blind spots and we all need encouragement from time to time.

Our Learning Advisors go through a comprehensive assessment and map out a plan which you have to power to adjust as your goals shift or increase. We offer different packages based on how involved you need them to be but having that outlet can assist in making those tough career decisions.
Not at all.  Our learning paths are built using the Coursera platform but there will be situations where segments of a Learner's PDP will need to be completed outside of our portal. 

Coursera has 7,000+ courses available including hands on projects but if there is a piece of your PDP puzzle that requires content outside of the catalogue we will include that in your plan.  Any fees associated with these external courses will not be included unless specific partnerships have been established which will be communicated to the Learner.
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